Maintaining a furnace is a do-it-yourself task that does not require technical expertise. Its effectiveness and efficiency can only be determined by the level of care offered. When maintaining a high functional burner, it is important to subject it to regular cleaning and maintenance. This can only be ensured by knowing each component and how it should be handled during cleaning. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with all its components and the right measurements you should have for your burner. The main components in a cleaner are discussed below, as well as, how they should be maintained.

Oil and Gas Burners

Using gas or oil in burners depends on the type of furnace you are cleaning. Normally, oil burners are known to involve less complicated technology and tools in comparison to oil burners. Gas burners require more maintenance owing to the high level of technology and equipment associated. Therefore a professional technician should do such maintenance techniques as inspecting flames and pilot mechanism. However, simple practices like cleaning the burners can be done at home yourself to maintain a longer span of the cleaner. Before checking it is imperative to turn off the burners, gas supply line and the pilot light.

Brushes for Cleaning

Not all brushes are suitable for cleaning soot, especially for oil. In order to figure out which brush to use, you should first know which model is you are using. By using the recommended brush, cleanliness is maintained, and this increases its efficiency and span. Grainger illustrates different brushes suitable for different furnaces. For instance, a pin boiler requires a wire bristle brush with a diameter of 1/2″. Safety gear as goggles are indispensable in this case, and then you can slowly brush it diagonally until all the soot is removed.

Combustion Compartment

This is the most essential part you should consider cleaning. The compartment is subject to getting dust, cobwebs, and rust. These contaminants are dangerous for the functioning of the compartment, and should be eliminated as soon as possible. It is recommended to use a long nozzle that can penetrate the long wires and cabinets. By using the nozzle, one will be able to trap cobwebs, rust and even dust. Always make sure that there is adequate supply of oxygen around the combustion compartment to avoid lint. Lint is mostly found in those furnaces that are located in a room since it uses the air in the room, which has limited oxygen to allow full combustion.

It is imperative to clean furnaces and eliminate any traces of dirt. Dirt is regarded as harmful because it reduces its efficiency, and prompts high drains of fuel usage. You do not need plumbing skills to clean or maintain one. Other parts that you should take care of include the blower, motor, filter and power cord. For example, always ensure that all cords are connected appropriately to prevent short circuit. It is important to maintain plumbing machines for long in order to avoid repair and replacement expenses on your furnace.

If you feel this is beyond your skill level and you are not comfortable preforming these tasks then it is recommended that you set up a regular maintenance schedule with a reputable Kelowna furnace cleaning company in the city you live in. If your home uses a boiler for radiant heat instead of a forced air furnace, no need to worry because most contractors that handle furnace repair also service boilers.

Furnace Cleaning Tip